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Women & Pornography Survey Results

Women & Pornography Survey Results:

Hey guys! Please keep in mind the limited demographic this survey presents. Enjoy & thanks for all your help! :)

1. Females only: do you watch porn? (Erotica, softcore, graphic novels, etc are included) **THIS SURVEY IS 100% ANONYMOUS**

  • 86% yes
  • 14% no

2. Females only: if you do watch porn, why do you watch it?

  • 66% To aid masturbation
  • 43% Curiosity
  • 34% Boredom
  • 10% Other

[10% Other--answers:
to get my man hard
To find new ways to satisfy my bf
learn new moves
I find it can be arousing, especially if watched with my partner
Tips haha
I watch it with my boyfriend to enhance sex sometimes :)
Graphic Novels: Just for Fun
to find new things to do with my partner
As a foreplay technique with my boyfriend
Because I just plain like it!
together with my boyfriend when we have sex
I have watched passively when others in the room have watched (boyfriends, roommates)]

3. Females only: do/would you care if your partner watched porn?

  • 30% Yes
  • 70% No

[Expansions on 30%-Yes:

id breakup with him if he watched it too much
Only if he hid it from me.
i feel like he should only want me be satisfied by me
some guys watch it too much.
Depends on the kind of porn, if it was rape porn or kiddie porn I'd get kinda freaked out.
I don't know it just seems weird to me. Which I realize is a double standard, ah well.
he should be spending time with me and not porn.
It would make me feel as if I'm not statisfying him enough so he has to get off on something else wanted too
how often is he watching it?
Only if the porn was needed instead of me
I am okay if he watches porn when we aren't together/having sex, but any other time I feel uncomfortable with it. He shouldn't need to use it WITH me.
watching it too much
its there own life and im not going to tell them they cant
no reason to watch it that much
The girl from the TV isn't going to pop out and have sex with you!
It just doesn't matter. It's not a big deal.
Makes me feel as though he's less attracted to me. Im fine if we watch it together tho lol
because i would feel like i wasnt giving them what they needed, and that they had to resort to porn and masturbation to feel satisfied.
I would like to say no, but it does bother me a little bit.
only if it was in a sneaky way, like if I caught him and he lied about it
It would depend on what kind. I would be really disturbed if my partner was into violent porn.
it makes me feel inadequate. i know it's normal for guys to like porn and it shouldn't make me feel bad, but it does.
I would be worried about porn becoming more important to him then me/addictd....
Because I wouldnt want him looking at other women
they should be watching me]

4. Females only: do you feel pornography objectifies you or liberates you?

  • 30% Objectifies me
  • 50% Liberates me
  • 20% Other

[20% Other replies:

depends on what is being done
I don't think it does either inherently (as a genre) - I think individual pieces of porn can do either.
it does so much more than objectify. it's disgusting.
Neither, I don't really think that much into it!
Let women get money by cashing in on a male's weakness.
Both, with more objectification than liberation...
It's a mix of both.
i don't exactly understand this question
I don't really feel it affects me at all. It isn't objectifying me because I choose to watch it, and every person has their own taste. It isn't liberating me, because I don't feel the constant need to be watching it.
big words here
Neither. It has nothing to do with me specifically as an individual. No one is forcing these women in pornography to do anything. If they had a problem with it, they'd say no.
I believe it does a little of both, depending on the program
Again, it depends on what kind. I think certain kinds can be inherently degrading to women.
idk what that means
no opinion.
Doesn't really affect me; people can do as they please as long as I'm not affected...I don't really care.
turns me on
A bit of both.

5. Please feel free to add any more of your thoughts on pornography as it pertains to yourself, your partner, or society as a whole.


  • I think it's a healthy and normal thing to do. Me and my boyfriend sometimes watch together to get in the mood. I just think it's distastful when a girl is shown masterbating while men watch and i really hate rape scenarios.
  • I don't think pornography should be taken so seriously. It's just a fun visual to have when you want to masturbate. And the people in the videos willingly participate.
  • Today's society taboos pornography. Why? Especially when almost everyone in said society has a sex drive and DOES masturbate.
  • I think our revulsion to porn as a society is symptomatic of our puritanical natures. Violence is peachy keen, but sex - gasp! oh noes! - is nasty and dirty and bad. Pornography is like any other genre of film, literature or art - some is good, some is bad. Some satisfies curiosity, some is liberating, some is objectifying of both women and men. I perceive some to be twisted and nasty, but that doesn't mean others do, or should.
  • I'm not really bothered by adult porn. I know men are visual creatures (so I've been told ha ha) so naturally they are going to want to watch. I like to watch it with my bf every now and then because it really makes for a great experience for us both. It's all about having an open mind!
  • Why not?
  • In general I feel like porn itself (of other women) is objectifying. But at the same time it is liberating when he takes photos of me and looks at them. I like that he wants to see me, but I hate when he looks at other women even if they are just girls online.
  • i think that it is good to occasionally watch pornography either by yourself or with your partner to learn / try new things together or with yourself to better understand sexuality.
  • Porn also helps me and my partner with learning out of the box techniques to enhance our sex life
  • They should have more respect for ladies.... Like seriously...
  • Pornography, to me, is just something that I do on my own time. It's something that I do partly out of boredom, and on the rare occasion that it aids my private time, I go in, get out, and done. I don't like to waste much time on it.
  • I think society already has it in their heads that women are meant as wives or worth nothing... Okay, maybe exageration, but think of it this way: If a guy goes out, has sex with 5 different girls that are nuts for him then its more likely than not that this man will get a positive feedback from it, he'll be considered more masculine, and, well without a better word for it, " a badass in bed"....But if a woman were to go out, have 5 guys following her around and having sex with alllll of them then the world degrates her, calls her a whore, she is trashy and will disgust other women's rights....So why is it that a woman's body is shown so publicly more than man? Because men get away with being a player so it's OKIDOKE if they shamelessly check out her "stuffs", since they can get props for being a manwhore anyways...If the situation were to be turned around then, well, there is either WAY less porn or WAY more whores...I'm not a genius, I'm just not for pornography and wouldn't care to meet a guy who was....
  • I'm really disappointed to hear that so many women do not "allow" their boyfriends/husbands to watch porn and that it makes women so uncomfortable. I'm not saying that women are to blame for this, I just wish that more females weren't so afraid of/disgusted by it. It just seems like bad things ultimately happen when you try to tell your partner what they can and cannot do sexually (to a certain extent, of course).
  • i think people view porn as a degrading thing when most of the time its not. as long as you want to do it and are not being forced its fine by me. people know i watch porn and masturbate and i dont mind saying it cuz i think its a perfectly natural thing. my fav porn star right now is Sasha Grey (mostly her lesbian stuff) i like her viewpoints on porn and how we can make it better.
  • 18.
    i like it just as much as any man, porn produced by women (viv thomas, etc.) is very very sexy.
  • I dont think pornography is any different than watching any other movie. The only difference is that pornography is a movie designed to turn you on, while general movies may do that also, they are not specifically designed for it the way pornography is.
  • I have read various feminist points of view on this subject and it's something I have a really hard time articulating my position on it. I think it's because it has the potential to be very degrading to women, but it can also be liberating. It's complicated, but that makes it interesting. If you haven't read this article yet, I recommend it:
  • Just want to clarify that I only enjoy *good* porn, mainly real lesbian porn and gay porn. Although I will say that bad porn is sometimes fun to watch with friends at laugh at.


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